Monday, October 31, 2011

Perth Mint - Lunar Series 2

1oz 2008 Lunar Mouse, 1oz 2009 Lunar Ox, 1oz 2010 Lunar Tiger, 1oz 2011 Lunar Rabbit, 1oz 2012 Lunar Dragon

The Perth Mint Lunar Silver Series 2

The first series 2 Silver one ounce Lunar was issued in 2008 by the Perth Mint and featured the mouse/rat, all Silver Lunar's have a $1 face value to them and have a silver purity of .999, and each coin weighs 31.135 grams or one ounce. The coin generally features a different animal on the reverse of the coin according to the lunar calendar of the year, and a image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse of the coin.

1 Ounce Pure Silver (999)
Face Value: 1 AUD
Diameter: 45.60 mm
Mintages: 300,000 for each 1oz lunar animal

Lunar Calendar:
2008 – Lunar Mouse
2009 – Lunar Ox
2010 – Lunar Tiger
2011 – Lunar Rabbit
2012 – Lunar Dragon

For more info / pricing: 
SMS: 012-211 2922


  1. Can i know is it still available...? If yes, how much...? =)

  2. Hi Dennis,

    Yes, it's still available. Please provide me your email / mobile so that I can provide you the quotation.

    I can be reached at:
    - 012-2258679


  3. I have interested on it.. Since i get the quotation from Dennis, may I know the price is negotiable?

  4. Hi Yao Yi,

    The price are slightly adjustable.

    Please reach me at:
    - 012-2258679


  5. send the adjustable quotation to me.. thx

  6. Can I have your email please? Or I can just sent to Dennis?