Thursday, April 19, 2012

Perth Mint - 2012 Colorized Silver Dragon 9-Piece Set

2012 Year of the Dragon Colorized 9-Piece Set

 2012 Year of the Dragon Colorized 9-Piece Set (Box)

1oz Year of The Dragon Colorized 9-Piece Set

This 2012 Colorized Silver Dragon 9-piece set of one-ounce silver coinsfrom the Perth Mint are sure to be extremely popular with collectors and investors around the world and it has limited release of only 20,000 sets. Each 9-piece set will arrive in its Original Mint Box with a Certificate of Authenticity from the world-renowned Perth Mint of Australia.

The obverse or front side of each coin features the iconic and noble profile of Queen Elizabeth II famously sculpted by Ian Rank-Broadley. It also includes the inscriptions of "ELIZABETH II," ‘2012,” "AUSTRALIA," and "999 SILVER" with its face value and weight of ONE OUNCE. The reverse sculpture, however, makes these superb coins truly unique. The design of the imperial dragon manages the remarkable feat of being both noble and whimsical. The mythical dragon faces the viewer with a curling mustache, its front claws outstretched as it reaches toward the “pearl of wisdom.” Its serpentine body wraps around the coin, filling almost the entire field with intricate scales. Below the dragon, the Chinese character for the word “dragon” adds to the coin’s Asian impression. The result is very striking, and this coin is sure to please collectors as much as its predecessors have. The inscription "YEAR OF THE DRAGON" also appears on the reverse side. Investors will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their purchase comes with the full faith and guarantee of the Australian government as to the coin’s weight and purity, and collectors will enjoy its exquisite craftsmanship and rarity

1 Ounce Pure Silver (999)
Face Value: 1 AUD
Diameter: 45.60 mm
Mintages: 20,000 Set

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