Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012 Armenian Noah’s Ark

1oz 2012 Republic Of Armenian Noah’s Ark

The obverse of the Noah's Ark 2012 1oz silver coin illustrates the coat of arms of the issuing country Armenia which also has its name inscribed at the bottom and at the top of the head side of the coin REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA. The face value of 500 DRAM, which is the equivalent of one euro, is also inscribed on the obverse of Noah's Ark 2012 1oz silver coin together with the weight and purity 1 Oz Ag 999.

The biblical reverse of the Noah's Ark 2012 1oz silver coin is what gives it the name. Mount Ararat is a symbol for the Republic of Armenia and is depicted as the background for Noah's Ark. But the most noticed depiction on the tail side of the Noah's Ark 2012 1oz silver coin is the white dove holding an olive branch, which announced the end of the deluge. The legend only reads one thing inscribed in both languages NOAH'S ARK.

1 Ounce Pure Silver (999)
Face Value: 500 DRAM
Diameter: 38.60 mm


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